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Whether you are a complete beginner who wants to learn the basics of how to sing correctly or an experienced singer looking for a vocal coach who can take you to the next level. I can design a vocal lesson that will work for your individual needs as a singer. Singing should be challenging but fun and my techniques are effective and easy to understand.

During the weekly lessons we will cover all the essentials: breathing, support, placement, relaxation, projection, how to increase your vocal range, resonance, diction, how to warm up, general care and strengthening of your voice. As well as the perfection of interpretation, vocal style, phrasing, belting, tone, performance skills. And we must never forget the importance of music theory and sight singing all while building a music repertoire. 

Music is my life and I love to share my love for music with all my students.  Along with the weekly tasks to follow I also plan every week and lesson to be fun, interesting and challenging so that you too can love music the way I do.

We will choose a lesson time and stick to that every week, at the same day and time. I ask that you pay for your lessons with cash or check at the time of the lesson.

How Long?
Lessons are either 30 minutes or 1 hr long weekly.

How Much?
Private lessons are $30 for each half hour. 

What if?
If a lesson is canceled without 24 hours’ notice, the student will be charged for the missed lesson at the time of the following lesson.  Emergencies will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If an emergency does arise, please call me as soon as possible.  Not showing up and not calling will not excuse a lesson.

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~ Testimonials ~

"My daughter has only been taking voice lessons from Adriana for a short time but we can already hear a huge difference in her voice quality. Adriana is helping my daughter develop her mixed voice, perfect her chest voice, and strengthen her head voice. Adriana is  upbeat, enthusiastic, and always professional. I would recommend her as a voice teacher without hesitation."

~ Marian and Sarah Hardwick

"Adriana’s enthusiasm helps make lessons fun for my 11 year old. I often hear laughter and joy coming from the practice room. If my daughter could chat and hang out with Adriana the whole session, she would. Adriana also has high expectations and keeps my daughter focused. Adriana is in the moment listening and helping my daughter achieve her goals. With life happening and our schedule changing often, Adriana has been flexible and patient. In addition, Adriana exudes confidence and creativity which is a great example for my young girl to experience." 

~ Michelle Hemela

"As a parent of a theatre student at Bak MSOA I saw that our daughter Hannah needed outside vocal instruction to add to her theatre skills.  Hannah enjoyed singing at home and picked up some basic knowledge while attending local theatre camp.  As parents my husband Paul and I had some difficulty finding an instructor that was caring and encouraging to a young girl.  We wanted someone who could intensify her passion for musical theatre!  Neither of us have a background with music; so an instructor with superior communication skills and a willingness to answer our questions was of the utmost of importance.  We wanted to have an understanding of the vocal journey our daughter was to take.  Adriana Zabala has been everything that we desired in an instructor.  She is always just a phone call away with an amazingly speedy response if unavailable.  She has provided us as parents, with assurance and the ability to troubleshoot our daughter through moments of frustration as she practices at home.   Hannah has a new found vocal strength, is learning to read music, and a heightened ability to project her voice to her audience!    We give our highest  recommendation of Adriana Zabala"

~ Elise & Paul Fournier

I just got home from Solo & Ensemble and I thought I'd let you know that I received a Superior! I am so excited to go to states! I couldn't have done it without you! I truly appreciate all of your help and guidance! Thanks again!

~ Brittany Turner

I would highly recommend Adriana to any parent searching for a voice coach for their child!  Adriana is an extremely skilled professional and demonstrates an enthusiastic approach to each lesson.  Her patient manner and "bubbly" personality have been a perfect "fit" for my daughter. 

~ A.M.

Let me just say that it is a pleasure to have you work with Brittany and I feel she has learned so much from you.  She really loves her weekly voice lessons and can't wait to practice what she learns each week.  I know she respects you very much and loves your sweet, caring way!  You always have kind words to say to her and you motivate her to be the best she can be!!  Your expertise is truly appreciated!!

~ Barbara Turner

Working with Adriana has been an amazing experience for my daughter!  Adriana's instruction in audition preparation has been invaluable.  She has helped my daughter grow both musically and in self-confidence.  Not only does she provide a wealth of musical knowledge, but she inspires her students with her talent, poise, and grace.  Adriana is always prepared and on time, and expects the same of her students.  She radiates enthusiasm and positive energy and my daughter looks forward to her lesson every week.  Adriana was recommended to us by a friend and we feel so fortunate to have found her!   

~ Bernadette Haughn
My daughter Emily is a student of Adriana and we are very impressed with her.  She not only is an amazing singer but she is an outstanding teacher as well.  Emily’s voice has improved greatly in the short time we have been with her.  I highly recommend Adriana for vocal coaching.  

~ Dr. Robin Shecter

Adriana has been wonderful as my daughter's voice coach since Middle School of the Arts!!  She is now in 12th grade and Adriana is by her side working on her audition songs to get into Colleges of Music!!  Adriana has a great personality and is very flexible with her schedule.  She  is  very talented herself and through her knowledge of music it enhances the knowledge of her students to shine through the gift of  music!   We appreciate all Adriana has done for my daughter to excel with such a beautiful voice as her voice teacher!  

~ Judy and Heather Lozano

We would like to say that you came highly recommended by students and parents alike.  Cameron really enjoyed his lessons because you have a talent for making learning fun for students. I also really appreciated the open lesson format where I could observe the lesson and then follow your feedback to help him practice effectively during the week.  I have highly recommended you to other families as an extraordinary and personable vocal teacher that uses professional experience and a positive style of coaching to enrich vocal lessons and instill confidence in students.  Thank you!

      ~Shannon & Cameron Owens

Click on images to enlarge.  These are some of my fabulous students after their recital.